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Developing Builders into Leaders
Create a Team of Leaders and Mentors who know exactly how to build a successful doTERRA Business.
I credit the PrĒLITE+ Program to much of the success that I have experienced in dōTERRA as a Wellness Advocate. 

It launched me into the right frame of mind from the very first week that I started doing the business of essential oils and gave me the direction that I needed to build a team without having any previous experience in network marketing. 

Having the PrĒLITE+ Program gave me confidence as a leader because I knew that I would be receiving mentoring each week with a leader who knew how to achieve success and who had been where I was before. 

I now use the PrĒLITE+ Program with my new leaders and find it to be an extremely valuable tool to kick starting their career and getting them going on the road to success. I cannot recommend this program enough to leaders in dōTERRA!

Heidi Jeppesen
Elite Wellness Advocate


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 PrĒLITE+ has given me the confidence to invite others to join me in the business because I have concrete tools that will provide them 8 weeks of focused learning, mentoring and support.

I especially love that as a Mentor or Accountability Partner, the lessons are clearly laid out, with every word to follow or use to create my own words. 

This program has helped me develop deeper relationships with all participating through the sharing of experiences, concerns and celebration of success moments. 

PrĒLITE+ is an incredible duplicable tool that is worth implementing on your team to develop your builders into leaders, and grow your business with solid leadership.

Jenn Rekker
Silver Wellness Advocate
As an Accountability Partner, PrĒLITE+ has been an awesome experience for me to practice supporting my leaders in a healthy way. 

The weekly calls with the Upline Mentor not only helps the Accountability Partner learn how to mentor effectively, but also helps by reinforcing the relationship and credibility between the AP/Mentor and the Participant. 

Demonstrating how leaders can work together is powerful for duplication but also reinforces the excitement that comes with being a part of a team.

Lauren Rybarczyk
Silver Wellness Advocate